Non Profit of the Week – Corral of Comfort

| SC Living | March 17, 2017

Corral of Comfort is dedicated to rescuing horses from dire situations, including neglect through carelessness, being “discarded” by owners because they can no longer win races, etc. After acquiring these horses, volunteers begin a process of rehabilitation.

“Sadly, sometimes good people just are unable to care for their horses any longer,” says a spokesperson for the organization “Others come to regard their horses as unwanted and they neglect or abandon them like yesterday’s garbage. Many of these horses are sent to slaughter, even though they could live productive lives for many more years. There is something inherently inhumane about calling any horse unfit for life!”

A volunteer washes one of the horses

Not surprisingly, many of the horses that arrive at Corral of Comfort have pressing medical needs and many are underweight. Volunteers bind up their wounds and provide them with nourishing food and lots of tender, loving care. Corral of Comfort then places rehabilitated horses in approved, loving homes.

Another aim of Corral of Comfort is to make the public aware of the plight of horses. The organization’s mission is to nurture empathy for animals and people, young and old.


“As you might expect, it takes a great deal of money to do all Corral of Comfort does for unwanted, neglected, abused or otherwise discarded horses,” a spokesperson says. “We can, in fact, only handle what we have money on-hand to cover (though we go the extra mile in many instances, such as when we find a horse left tied up outside our front gate). As such, donations are greatly appreciated and very much needed.

Goals of the organization are to provide a safe environment, veterinary care, food, farrier services, shelter and a safe place until they are able to be placed in a new home.

Corral of Comfort is not funded by any state or government agency and depends solely on small grants, sponsorship programs and donations from individuals. Blankets and horse tack are always appreciated.

Furthermore, they have no paid employees and are solely run by volunteers and board members. For more information, call (661) 361-9188 or e-mail corralofcomfort@gmail.com.

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