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| Student Journals | July 3, 2014

by Natasha P., 5th Grade
Superman is a ride at Magic Mountain. It is high, fast and fun. The roller coaster Superman is 415 feet high. Wow, that’s high! The speed is 100mph, and It was built in 1997. It’s fun because it goes up in the air backwards. When you drop, it feels like you are falling to your doom! My friends hate the feeling of your stomach going “woosh”, but I love it. A lot of people like Superman. So the next time you go to Magic Mountain…do you dare to ride Superman?

Oreo the Dog Pt. I
by Monsi N. 7th Grade
Oreo ran as fast as his paws could go. He had to escape the dogcatcher quickly. He turned into a dark, mysterious alley and heard a noise. It sounded like a cold, creepy laugh. “Psst, come here!” was the last thing he heard before he was pulled into the darkness.
Oreo found himself in a small room illuminated by a single lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. In the dim light he spotted two figures: a bulldog with a scar on his face and a small golden retriever with a bow and hazel eyes.
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