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| Student Journals | July 18, 2014

My Favorite Creatures in the Ocean, by Arielle Z., 4th grade
My favorite creatures in the ocean are the sea turtles and the dolphins. I like them because they both are friendly and I love friendly creatures. I have never seen a dolphin before, but when I read about them, I can picture them in my head.

But I’ve seen turtles before. In fact, I used to have them as pets. Also, I have heard sea turtles are very gentle. And I know they are! I also want to help some dolphins because right now many dolphins are endangered. I would feel very proud to help them.

The Ocean, by Maansi N.
The ocean is filled with many wonders like fish, sea otters, dolphins and more. My favorite part of the ocean is all of the different plant-life and the variety of sea creatures. I especially love the sea otters because they’re cute. I also like the blue-ish color of the water and the bright colors of the fish. There are many things to love about the ocean.

My Favorite Think in the Ocean, by Isaiah W., 5th grade
My favorite thing in the ocean is the angler fish. It is my favorite because they have a light on their head so they can see in the dark part of the ocean. Angler fish have sharp teeth so they can eat other fish to survive.
My Favorite Thing in the Ocean in a Starfish, by Angelina 7th grade
My favorite thing in the ocean is a starfish. The reason I love a starfish is it’s shape. I don’t think that’s how a star really looks. I also like the starfish because of the name. The starfish isn’t really a fish, it’s a living creature in the ocean. I like the way starfish feel. Some can be very hard and rough, and others can be soft. A starfish can stick onto objects like rocks, glass and sometimes sand. Starfish aren’t very heavy, but they are hard to unstick from objects. Most starfish can grow new arms and legs if they break one.

Moray Eel, by Kellen 4th grade
My favorite sea animal is the Moray eel. There are more than 250 kinds of them. They live in tropical waters around the world. They live in crack in rocks or coral. They also live in places where there are lots of fish.


Clown Fish, by Gary W., 5th grade
My favorite part about the ocean is the clown fish because it has a beautiful orange and white color. It lives in the colorful coral reef. It matches into the coral. It has white stripes with black lines around it. The clown fish is the fish I like most about the sea.

Things I Like About the Sea, by Elijah M, 5th grade
My favorite things about the sea are the beautiful rolling waves. And the colors of the sea are just spectacular. I mean, I just have a fun time playing in the water. I like the water mixing with the sand, it is so relaxing. I like when the water pushes up against your body. I like when the water goes swoosh swoosh, swoosh. Those are my favorite things about the sea.

Favorite Things About the Ocean, by Karri, 4th grade
I love the sea creatures in the ocean! The dolphins are rare to see jumping out of the water. The seahorses are very pretty and blend into the coral. The turtles are slow, but adorable. Sand crabs are small and cute. Sea creatures are my favorite thing about the ocean!

My Thoughts on the Ocean, by Ayden Z., 6th grade
My favorite part about the ocean is the beautiful coral reefs. Coral reefs are home to many beautiful fish and a variety of underwater animals. The plants and fish in a coral reef are as colorful as a rainbow. I even think that some animals such as turtles are cute My favorite part about the coral reef is how all the animals works together to run a beautiful ecosystem. Sadly, fossil fuels, junk and littering from humans are ruining the gorgeous coral reefs. What can you do to stop this?

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