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| Student Journals | September 12, 2014

This weeks’ writings at C.A.R.E~SCV Tutors are a collaboration of character counts and creative outlets of poetry and insights into the students’ lives.

We are starting the competition this week! The focus will be creative short stories and Poetry!

Below are some of the pieces already submitted.

Sarah Elaebrak Grade 8
Character means that you are kind and a wonderful person. I think that Lou is a nice teacher and she has character. She is a wonderful teacher.

Parker Wilson-Grooms Grade 8
Something you don’t know about me is that I run track. I also like to play basketball at school. I like to play NBA2K13 on the Xbox360! I like to play football with my friends. I don’t like to work on homework.


I don’t like to do SRA (Silent reading activities) during my free time. I like Math because it is my favorite subject. I want to be an engineer when I grow up. I like History because I like to learn about dead people. I like to listen to music.

My favorite game is Skate 3 on the Xbox. I don’t like English because I know how to speak it. My favorite artist is Kendrick Lamar. I love to play one on one with my friends. I like to run because it is easy for me.

Makayla Zareno Grade 6
What you don’t know about me!

I do gymnastics and love to go swimming. I secretly hate social studies. I love Math and Science. I am a visual learner and hate oral presentations.

I love reading and kind of hate writing. I can do a front-flip. Also, I love to draw and paint. I love puppies and pandas. My favorite color is light blue; most girls like pink, but I don’t! I don’t like SRA’s or Math worksheets.

My favorite hobby I do at school is tether ball. I also love 6th grade because Math is easy and my teacher is really nice. I love multiplication and addition. Secretly, my brother is annoying sometimes. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip and vanilla. I will tell you that the best place to get shaved ice is a restaurant called Matsamodoes in Hawaii!!

This is who I am! Yeah 🙂

Kirra Wagoner Grade 4
Kind, fun, sporty
Lover of minecraft, drawing and dogs
Who wonders about heaven
Who fears death and black holes
Who feels strong when lifts weights
Who dreams about being a teacher
Deirdre Dioquino Grade 2
Mummies died a long time ago. Egyptians build pyramids. They put mummies in them. I want to learn more about mummies and Egypt.

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