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| Student Journals | September 25, 2014

This weeks’ stories focused on creative writing describing their next, ideal vacation trip. Instead of weekly winners, we will have monthly celebrations for those who submit their work to the paper and choose three top winners!

Zander Deveroux Grade 2

I am planning to go to Squid World and have a lot of squid! Then, I swim with them and eat them. Then, we talk and take a nap. I will go home after.

Paris Johnson Grade 3

On my vacation I will go to Christmas Town. We will play at the Christmas store with all my friends and kiss under the mistletoe. It’s cool to see them.


Serafina Caruthers Grade 2

Dear Mom,

I’m going to Roblox to play the Huge update, where I will work at a pizza place or go to the beach house, pool Tycoon or Advanced Town of Roblox. I’m going at  9. The reason I want to go is because I want to play with my friends online.


Kirra Wagoner Grade 4

My Vacation!!

Dear Ava,

I am planning to go to Paris for a week. I would rent a house and visit a fashion designer and buy the most amazing clothes. Then, I would buy the best perfume!. It would be great.

I would go to one of the Castile and dance all night in the most beautiful dress! I would right a letter, just like this and send it to you 🙂


Would YOU like to write for News…The Kids’ Way? Contact CARE Learning Academy for information on how you can be a writer, reporter, or even an editor! Call 661.255.2223 or visit www.CARELearningAcademy.com. Email us at: Info@CARELearningAcademy.com.

We are also looking for businesses who would like to have our News…The Kids’ Way reporters come out and interview YOU! Our reporters will write up the interview, take pictures and publish it in the next issue! Call 661.255.2223 and visit www.NewsTheKidsWay.com. Email us at: Info@NewsTheKidsWay.com.

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