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| Student Journals | October 9, 2014

During the week, the students learned about ways to “Go Green”. The Kindergarten through Second graders decorated recycling boxes for Aluminium, Paper and Plastic for the CARE Center. The older grades also worked in a group setting on projects and later described why it is important to learn and have team building skills. For fun, the students wrote some ideas for Haunted Houses and short stories for Halloween!

Team Building Skills:

Makayla Zareno: Grade 6
It is important to work in a group, because when growing older you will cooperate with other people when you have a job. It is an important skill to have because it is good to be social with other people and to work together to help each other. Also, working in a group is good because other people are there to help.

Kirra Wagoner: Grade 4-Inspired by CARE Learning Academy-SCV Tutors
I think working together is important because in life you might not like the person you’re working with because sometimes you might want to work with someone else. That’s why in school they barely let you choose who you work with.

Let’s Go Green!


Julien Deveroux: Grade 4
Going Green Means: To eat healthy, feed the plants, recycle at all times, turn off the lights, don’t leave water running, don’t litter, and throw away trash.
Brianna Mickelson: Grade 3
Go Green!
What can we do to help make our planet a healthier place to live? Three things we could do is recycling, picking up trash and plant trees and flowers. These are three things the help make this planet better.

Zander Deveroux: Grade 2
The way we can help the city is: pick up the trash, recycle, save boxes, bags, container water bottles, cans, paper, toy cars, bingo cards, pencils, pens, tables, puff balls, plastic bones, books, glass, shirts, shorts, pants, socks, shoes, metal, legos, tissue box, posters, lunch boxes, rubber bands, wood, trees, and light sticks.

Serafina Caruthers: Grade 2
To make the planet “Go Green”, I will throw away trash. To make the planet “Green” I will recycle. To make the planet “Go Green” I will turn off water when not used. To make the planet “Go Green” I will turn off the lights when not used. To “Go Green” I will not waste and I will not litter.

Elijah Mims: Grade 5
Some changes that I would make is take shorter showers, drink less water, use less gas, stop building houses, take a shower for 5 minutes. Some people drink water but not all of their water, so basically what I am saying is don’t waste water.

Sherry Priester: Grade 3
We can make a better place to live by picking up trash or recycle. Don’t litter or leave things on the ground. To turn off the lights if no one is using it. To not leave water running. Don’t leave window open with air on.

Halloween Themed Creative Corner:

Ashley Arrera: Grade 6
Horror Film Freakout
This studio lot is perfectly safe in this plane, but not in the other dimension! Rhonie, the security guard, was a dedicated security guard until her mysterious death. On this very spot! Now, her pretty uneasy spirit walks the lot. Gathering victim by victim for revenge! No one has ever been able to spend an entire night in this craft service tent. Good luck! Yep, I need it. Mwahahaha!

Makayla Zareno: Grade 6
My Haunted House
For my haunted house, I would make it really old and put cobwebs everywhere and have mist and make it have a musty smell, and put skeletons and dead bodies. When people enter, I would make the door open by its self to have an eerie feeling to it. Once inside, the door should close by itself. “SHUT!” The theme would be a scary Halloween night and the people would get eaten. Once they are inside, a ghost would come out and bats will fly everywhere! Then, Dracula pops out of nowhere and starts chasing them. They soon hide in the basement and know they are alone!! They hear a cracking noise and they turn around to find a witch staring right at them! They scream and they get so scared they ran out of the house. Who will be the next victim to enter the haunted house on Halloween night?!

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