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| Student Journals | October 9, 2015

Love Story
Chapter 1:
Once there was a young girl named Kayla. She moved from England to America for family reasons. “Kayla tomorrow you will get a new job!” her mom said. “ugh, not the pizza parlor!”
“Yes! And you are going!” The next morning her mom wished a good day at school.
“OK mom.”
Later after school, Kayla went into the pizza parlor the…Freddy Faisburs Pizza Parlor.

Chapter 2:
Kayla sits down hearing the phone ring. “Hello? Hello?” Kayla hangs up. “I don’t need any advice.” Just then metal foot steps walk closer and closer. Kayla starts to freak out a little bit. “Hello? Is anyone there?” Then a scream comes but misses. “Who are you!? What are you doing here?!” She turns around to see a fox. A pirate fox! I shall get ye nigh y… The pirate foxy then fell in love with Kayla. I shall go. Then, it turns to 6 AM leaving Kayla in relief.
-Serafina Grade 3

There was this haunted house and no one went there, except this kid went ion there. He got lost and did not know where he was and….[To Be Continued]
-Eddie Grade 5

When the snake bit the other person then he got hurt, but then it got swollen. He got sick.
-Justin Grade 1

Once there was a girl named Marbella. Marbella was thirteen years old. She had no friends. She wanted friends very much. But no one liked her that much because she was cross-eyed. She didn’t like to be cross-eyed. People made fun of her a lot. No one would talk to her no one would work with her. One day she swore she didn’t care what people think so she made a new friend.


A Teenage Dream Book 1
Once upon a time there was a boy and two girls. Their names were Josh, Meladie, and Christian. and they are all sixteen. And it was Halloween. There was just one problem-Meladie and Christian both love Josh. Ding Ding Ding! The school bell rang.
“Josh do you want to go trick or treating?” Christian asked.
“Meladie already asked me but if you want to come I can ask Meladie.”
“Cool, so I’ll see you later,” said Christian.
“OK OK,” said Josh.
“Hey Meladie !”
“Hey Josh.”
“Can Christian come too?”
“Sure!” Meladie said.
“OK because she is in the car.”
“Wel lets go then.”
“Hey Meladie what are you?” asked Christian.
“I am a vampire what are you?”
“I am a purple precious.”
“Hey Josh what are you?” they both asked.
“I am a vampire prince.”
“Lets go to that house first!”
They went from house to house until Jake said, “Lets climb that ladder!”
Once they climbed it they reached a cloud. It was a house, it had red and black doors and six windows and the inside looked like heart red blood. Meladie knocked on the door and it opened by itself. They saw a pool and a hot tub, they decided to take a dip then ,Meladie and Josh were alone .
“We are alone, “Meladie said romantically.
“We have to get back.”
“Because Christian is alone.”
“Oh right.”
And poof Meladie was gone and then Christian was there. When they were looking for Meladie they fell asleep and Meladie foundt ehm and saw something crawling towards them, she screamed and they woke up and ran away. They ran to the door ,and it was locked. They were locked in so they fell asleep. But first Josh said “I have to tell Meladie something.”
“I love you,” he said.
“I love you too.”
-Isabella Grade 4

I like to read Amelia Bedelia because is fun to me and I like reading it and I is the best to me and it has pie and I like pie A LOT. She does a girls hair. It was fun to read Amelia Bedelia and my favorite book is Come Back Amelia Bedelia because he ans she said you are fired and she said the end.
– Makayla Grade 3

My First Day in Kindergarten
It was fun. Today we did rip art, painted art and cut art. A lot of art. The teacher gave us some homework but it is easy for me. I have A lot of new friends. I don’t cry anymore because I’m getting use to it. When I grow up I’m going to be a student. When I learn to drive a big car I’m going to visit the castle Frozen and make hot coffee because it is cold there. Maybe it will melt the castle. Maybe we should eat ice cream instead.
-Alina, Kindergarten

Halloween Haunted House
My birthday is on Halloween. I’m going to have a haunted house. Fake spiders, skeletons, and eyeballs will be jumping out at us. It will be dark and spooky. When we get out I’m going to my Aunt’s house to go trick or treating. My costume is Jeff Houdey, an old wrester that I like. He is still alive.
-Justin Grade 1

My name is Evan and my brother’s name is Zack. We are twins. We are in different classes at school. We are in first grade. We both like to play outside. Tag is fun. For Halloween I’m going to be Hockbuster and Zack will be Ant Man. We go to houses and get a lot of candy. Even though we are twins we do not eat the same candy. I get to have my own.
-Evan Grade 1

“Tigers at Twilight”
Jack and Annnie had to get a magical thing for Teddy the dog. The magical thing was a gift from a forest far away, Jack and Annie were swinging from the tree house to another tree but a tiger was trying to bite them. I liked that teddy the dog was not afraid of a tiger.
-Darin 1

I like Halloween because the trees look pretty. The pumpkins have funny aces and we got to dress up for Halloween. Everyone looks nice and some scary. I get a lot of candy but my mom won’t let me eat it all. I have to share it with her.
-Gabriella 2

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