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| Student Journals | June 26, 2015

Issac M.   Grade 2nd

I like my dog, her name is T.C. It stands for Tea Cup. She is only five pounds. She is friends with a dog named Sophi and Londoon. T.C is black and has brown eyes and is the littlest dog in the family. She is not fast, but she is nice and eats little by little. T.C likes to stay inside.

Deirdre D.   Grade 3rd

My favorite thing is my pet cat. My pet cat name is Finnigen. It is a male cat. He is very active. My cat eats a lot, I give him at least 100 foods a day. My cat is like a ninja. One time I was on my Mom’s bed and my cat came running at me. He went on my Mom’s soft part of her bed, and made marks on the wall then he ran away. I got him at Pet Co. His name there was Bubbles. But we got him first. When we got home, my mom clipped his nails and then played with him. When we got him he was 8 weeks old, he was still a kitten. And that’s the story of my cat Finnigen.

Lucca L.   Grade 2nd


My favorite transportation is airplanes because it’s faster then walking. You can do flips and spins. I went on an airplane in Mexico and we saw a volcanic eruption. My mom threw up. My dad was in the navy. My dad for Halloween, dressed up in his air unit and helmet.

Avery W.  Grade 3rd

My favorite thing to do in the summer is to go to Lake Tahoe. I like to go to Lake Tahoe because my cousins come also. I also like to go to Lake Tahoe because I get to go swimming in the pool with my cousins.

Our Community
By: Alana Sky Dalangin  Grade 7

Community means to me a large group of people working together to form a society and they work together as a family. They do things that may change our world in good ways or bad ways.

Helping out in a community is important because those in need might not survive and if we keep losing them, our kind will be destroyed. If we are attacked without community we wont survive either.

I have volunteered to help the little kids after I’m done with my homework in CARE SCV tutoring. I help by watching over them like my family or like a community. When a child is in need, I help them understand and they will learn to be a good leader for our future community.

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