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| Student Journals | July 3, 2015

Alexia Grade 3
My favorite buddy is my puppy Ronda. She is a French bulldog and she is 8 weeks old. She can only have a bath once a week, but we do have dog wipes that we clean her with. We can’t take her anywhere unless there are no dogs around because she doesn’t have all her shots yet. She is about the size of a medium shoe box. I also have another dog named BJ, who is a Yorkie. He is about the size of a big shoe box. These are the dogs at my mom’s house. The dogs at my dad’s house are Lucy and Zeke. Zeke is big chocolate Labrador, while Lucy is a small Shi Tzu dog.

Anika Grade 2
During the summer, I love going to the beach. One reason is because I like to go swimming in the waves. I also like to pick up pretty seashells. Also, I like build sandcastles with my toys that I bring with me. These are some of the reasons why I like going to the beach during summer.

Savannah Grade 3
My favorite friend’s name is Sofia. Sofia and I don’t see each other that much anymore, but we would always sing together at preschool. She and I are both Korean. One time, Sofia’s mom accidently took me picked up from preschool because she thought that I was Sofia! Another reason I liked her a lot is because she was so nice and kind. That is why Sofia is my favorite friend.
My favorite thing to do during the summer is to go to Big Bear Lake. One reason is because I like to play in the sand and water there. Another reason is my family and I always go there the week before school starts every year. In conclusion, I love going to Big Bear Lake with my family!

Makayla Grade 3
I have a dog named Layla. I love her because she loves me too and she is cute. Layla and my sister Crystal and I like to run and play in the park together. She is the best dog ever!

Isabella Grade 3
My favorite thing to do is to go swimming and play in the pool. I have a diving board to practice diving with. I also have a net and a tennis racket that can be used to play with in the water. I can do handstands and somersaults in the pool as well. My most favorite thing to do in the pool is play Vampire Mermaids with my friends! It is so much fun to play in the pool!


Avery Grade 3
My favorite friend’s name is Yara. She is my favorite friend because she is funny and kind along with other good things. Yara and I go to each other’s house and we also go to a place called the Paseo Club. Yara and I also go to Stevenson Ranch and Sunshine Camp. At Sunshine, we always play together. I also like Yara’s curly hair! Yara is a wonderful friend to have!

All About Me
Sophia Meisel Grade 4
One fun fact about myself is that I don’t like popsicles, popcorn, pudding, and sometimes cake. My favorite subject to do in school is art and my favorite thing to do outside of school is handball.
If I were to describe myself in 5 different ways they would be smart, kind, funny, and jumpy.

Sophia Meisel Grade 4
Manatees are amazing under sea friends. I read a book called Sam the Sea Cow and this is what I learned.
Manatees nurse their young in the water. Manatees are also mammals just like whales and dolphins. All mammals feed their babies milk from special parts of their bodies that are called mammary glands.
Mammals have no outside ears. Manatees graze on floating hyacinths like cows in a pasture. They also have flat teeth. Manatees leave their mother when they are two years old.

Eliza P. Grade 4
What is a community? It is a gated area with houses where people live and play.
What does it mean to you?  To me it means a nice clean area where I live and sleep. My friends live there especially my family live there.
Have you ever helped or volunteered? No I haven’t. I think no one has but no one person walks around to make sure no one weird is there. We also have police patrol they drive around at night in our community.
My ideal community would have my friends and all of my family. My grandma and grandpa, aunt  uncle and my favorite teacher. It will look and be like bridge port, but cleaner. All the houses would be mansions and every one would have unlimited money so you could buy everything. We would have a mini mall it would have every store. It would have Six Flags and there would be no line ups for any rides.
That is my community.

Jacob M. 4th grade
A community is a group of people that work together to make their community better. A community to me means a lot of things. It probably means they’re stop pollution. It is important to help your community so that it could be a better place. I have helped a community by helping them clean. If I could make a community, we would pick up trash, help sick people, and clean the streets
Ronald McDonald House.

Enzo Lovera Grade 4
Yesterday we went to the Ronald McDonald house in Pasadena. We did community hours by cleaning. I looked for expired things in the pantry. I learned that the siblings and parents of sick children live in the Ronald McDonald house. My ideal community is a fun, happy place. We help other people or volunteer in my community. Everybody has a part. My ideal community is a great place.

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