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| Student Journals | July 18, 2015

Deirdre D. Grade 3

If I was an animal, I would want to be a cat, because they are very active, they’re cute, and they’re amazingly hyper. Some cats are stray, some are taken, and some are in an animal shelter. The species of cat I would want to be a Bombay and Black cat mix. I would want my name to be “Rosa”. I would be very active, and I would eat a lot but I would stay skinny.

Gabriel M. Grade 2

If I was an animal, I would want to be a baby cheetah. Baby cheetahs are cute and fast. They live in Africa and are good hunters. My cheetah name would be “Lightning”

Isaac M. Grade 2


If I could be an animal, I would be a Megalodon shark because they were one of the strongest sharks. The Megalodon could have over 1,000 teeth! They could lose teeth and grow them back. Megalodon sharks are now extinct.

Jacob M. Grade 4

If I could be an animal, I would be a lion, because they are kings of the jungle. They are great hunters. I also like lions because their fur looks so cozy! Although a lot of people like to hunt lions for their fur. So I would be very careful around humans. Also, I would name myself “Batman”!

Jasmine L. Grade 5

On the first day of culinary arts, we learned how to make one of Australia’s delicious sweets. It has a banana and nuts, cinnamon and sugar, and coconut strips. To make it, you first smash the nuts, and then you mix the cinnamon and sugar together. Then, you cut half of the banana and roll it in nuts, cinnamon, and sugar mixture and combine it with the coconut strips.

Kirra W. Grade 5

If I could visit any continent, I would go to Antarctica because there are so many cool animals that live there. I would also love to see the beautiful scenery. Some animals that I would love to see are whales, polar bears, and some really cool fish. One day, I would want to study Antarctica and take pictures of baby animals to make a calendar! I once read a book about a scientist who went to Antarctica to study life there. The only bad thing is it would be very cold, but I would make sure to bring a heavy coat along with me.

Brandyn Gonzaga Grade 7

My name is Brandyn and I talked to Justin, a New York Life representative. New York Life is a safety organization that makes children’s lives better. Justin really cares for me so I and everyone else can pursuit my dreams. What he’s going to do is give us our own I.D. so if any of us gets lost they can track it. Justin is going to teach children how to be safe during fires and earthquakes. I think C.A.R.E and Justin are going to work great together because I think Justin is very invested in C.A.R.E. I hope Justin can tell us more about safety soon.

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