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| Student Journals | July 24, 2015

Matthew Grade 5


At C.A.R.E. Learning Academy, we had a fiesta to celebrate our hard work and South America Week! We made piñatas and practiced special dances. Some countries like our country have piñatas, but other countries don’t have any piñatas. Same thing with dancing. We don’t have traditional dancing, but other countries do. I liked the candy from the piñata cause when you hit the piñata it breaks and drops candy.


At care learning academy we learned about South America. The highest mountain there is the Aconcagua it is 22,841. The deadliest animal there are the leopards. The top part of South America is near the equator.


This was fun talking about South America and learning here at CARE.LEARNING.ACADEMY..

Elijah Grade 6

This week we learned about the continent South America and all of its country’s. I also learned that the tallest mountain is Aconcagua Mountain and it’s 22,841 feet.  The top of it is near the Equator so the country is basically below the Equator.

I learned how to become a great leader from going to C.A.R.E. Learning Academy.  I think kids come back from fieldtrips happy because they did something for a good cause like the going to the Ronald McDonald house. I rest my case.

Shayla Grade 2

Hi,  my  name  is  Shayla  and   I  would like to tell you  about giraffes. They are tall and they like to eat leaves. Eating leaves help them run very fast. We learned about giraffes last week for Africa. This week, we learned about South America. They have a lot of animals like foxes, monkeys, snakes, and tortoises. I also saw a tarantula!

Makayla and Alexia Grade 3

Hi my name is Makayla Yera  and my friend’s name is  Alexia Notari. We would like to tell you about  Mission San Fernado Rey de Espana and Wildlife Learning Center .First  we  would  like to tell you about the Wildlife Learning Center.We saw the  Fennec fox and researched about them. They are small and they are  mammals. Here are some  facts:
location: Africa, Habitat: deserts, Kingdom: Animalia, Family:

At the mission, we had fun at the church. It was cool and very nicely decorated. We saw a water fountain and small waterfall at the garden.
The buildings were historical adobe with rounded entry ways. We saw real gold in the mission chambers and rooms.
We had so much fun learning and playing on the field trips this week.
The Fiesta was fun too!

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