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| Student Journals | July 30, 2015

news kidsIf I had a Thousand Dollars

By Isabella Grade 3
If I had $1000, I would spend it on so many things like, a huge house that has a money tree but does not have $1 but $1000. I would also buy gold nuggets and buy new car. It will be a Malibu. If I had to pick one, that would be the house.

C.A.R.E. Student
If I had $1,000, I would get a home with a pool, a cat and a dog, and plenty of food and water and books. I would also probably have my family live with me in the home and buy them a cat and dog of their own as well. I would also make a big cake for all of us!

Jacob Grade 4
If I had $1,000, I would spend it on a remote control robot that could fight other robots. I would have it compete against other robots. My robot would win every time I compete. In fact, my robot would be a star and a legend!

Mayah Grade 4
If I had $1,000, I would spend it on a car for my mom, because my mom has been so good to me and I would want to repay her. If not a car, I would spend the $1,000 on a castle for my mom and me!


Julien Grade 5
I can’t wait for Halloween because I get to go trick-or-treating with my family. Sometimes I stay home and give out candy to my friends and other kids. What I am really excited about is my costume. My costume is going to be Deadpool. When I wear Deadpool’s costume, I’m also going to have a katana, pistols, and smoke bombs. After I’m done trick-or-treating, I’ll take my bag upstairs and play videos games while I eat all my candy.

During the first day of summer, I met old and new friends. What I was really excited about was going to the Aquatic Center in Canyon Country. It was really fun when I did 360 jumps, cannonballs, front flips, back flips, and walking in the water. They also had a student store, where sometimes I would eat popcorn for a snack. We got to stay at the Aquatic Center for a long time; until 4:00 pm.

Once Upon A Fox…

Kirra Grade 5
The birds were chirping, the forest was quiet as ever, and I woke up to my brother’s snoring. I turn hearing my mom, Rose chuckle. I look out into the deep, moist, and dangerous forest. “Are we going hunting today?” I asked “What? Huh? Hunting? ”

Jay and Jake, my brothers wake up. They love hunting. A few minutes later
I was sniffing around and then Mom yells “Run! Now! ” I see a tall man and I freeze.

After a second or two I run as fast as I can to get away. My paws hurt but I knew I had to do what I can to catch up. I stop as everything around me gets burly. I hear sirens in the distance as I try to make it… Plop! Everything goes black I wake up in a desert looking cage. I clawed at the fence when I realized…

To be continued…
Rosa Vonvamp and the Necklace

By Deirdre Grade 3
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Rosa Vonvamp. Rosa was a nice girl. She loved animals. One day she went on a walk to the beach. She sat on her towel and read a book. She loved mermaids. She was reading a book called Mermaids. She wanted to go in the water, so she put her book down and ran to the water. The water was warm. When she got out she wanted to go scuba diving. When she got in the water she saw fish, squids, dolphins, and blob fish. She rode the dolphins. Then she saw a necklace. It was shaped like a mermaid. She put it on and she turned into a mermaid. So she went off. When she found land she got a home in a HUGE shell. Then she lived happily ever after.

The End!

By Enzo Lovera Grade 4, Sean Arvizu Grade 6, and Zander Deveroux Grade 4
On Wednesday, Sean, Zander and I made a neuron out of pipe cleaners in Miss Audrey’s Science class. We used one pipe cleaner to make an axon. We used two pipe cleaners for dendrites and a cell body. We also used two pipe cleaners for myelin sheets. It was very fun. We learned how our brain messages move quickly through the neurons using the gaps between the mylein sheaths. We also learned about Neuroplasticisity. Neuroplasticisity is when you do something new and it starts a weak path in your brain. As you do it more and get better at it, the path strengthens and strengthens until it is very strong. For example, if you were at a pool there might be a high dive you never jumped before because you were scared. If you did it, it would start a weak pathway in your brain. If you kept doing it the pathway would get stronger and stronger. This is how our brain works. Practicing a skill or behavior can be strengthened over time.

My Teachers at C.A.R.E. Camp

Mayah Grade 4
The teachers I met were Miss. Karen and Miss. Audrey .I See Miss. Karen in the morning and Miss. Audrey in the afternoon. Miss. Audrey helps me learn about how our brain and bodies work together, and about Asia and their animals for Asia week. Miss. Karen helps me with my workbook and she helps me with my writing and now I’m great. I LOVE C.A.R.E.

Makayla Yera Grade 3
I want to tell you about my field and this is my story. Hi my name is Makayla Yera, and we went to the pool and we made Lemonade for St. Jude hospital. It was 1.00 dollar and it was fun. I had to pay 2 dollars for me and my sister, Crystal Yera. Earlier in the week,we went to the movie theater and we went to the Barnes and Noble where we read a book. You can come to C.A.R.E because C.A.R.E is fun and it can make you happy. I like to go to the pool and that’s one reason why I love C.A.R.E . This is my story. The End

I want to tell you a story and it is about my teachers because I like my teachers and they are Miss Audrey and Mrs. Karen. They are nice and they help me with homework. Miss Karen is nice. I want to be a teacher too because Miss Audrey and Mrs. Karen are the best teachers. I like going to C.A.R.E because it is the best. We learn to be nice and it is a good camp for fun learning. The teacher I like the most is Miss Audrey. I love my teachers and C.A.R.E. The End .

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