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| Student Journals | August 20, 2015

XBOX is really fun thing to play. You can play games like Fifa, Just Dance, Football, and other games. It’s something fun to play when you’re bored, and when it’s summer, you could play with your friends. There’s a game called Just Dance that lets people compete in dancing to see who get’s the highest score. There’s a game that you can play soccer and it’s called Fifa 15. There are different types of Fifa such as Fifa 12, Fifa 13, Fifa 14 and Fifa 15. You can play Fifa and it looks like a real soccer game. if you like football there are football games too. It looks like you’re watching a real football game.

XBOX is something you can enjoy with family and friends.You can buy games on the XBOX online store so that you don’t have to buy it in the store. You can play racing games, tennis, basketball, soccer, bowling, baseball, and golf. There is also an XBOX Kinect that lets you dance with three people including yourself. There is a camera that sees how you’re dancing to see if you’re doing it the right way. It says “Excellent” and you get stars to see who got the highest score. Just Dance comes in both the XBOX 360 and XBOX One.
-Michael Mikhail

My name is Gabriella. I’m in first grade. I want to see my friends in my new class. Who will my teacher be? I will learn so much. I will still come to CARE after school because they help me.
-Gabriella Grade 1

I learned about cooking and to make ice-cream. We made many things for the continents. We made rice from South America, we also made pancakes! CARE is fun!
-Crystal Y. Grade 1

We went on a fun field trip to help old people. We washed cars. They were old and nice. We sang songs for them. We have a singing class. I love to help old people and sing.
-Alina G. Grade K


If I was in space I will go on the Moon. If I was in space I would see planets. I would land on Mars. I would walk on the Moon.
-Gabriel M. Grade 2

Wii is a fun game to play. You can play Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Wii Sports, Wii Resort, and other cool games. You can play with your family and play Just Dance the dancing game. You can play games with both your family and friends. When it’s summer you can play with your family and friends a lot. They have a new Wii. It’s call Wii U. It’s more fun and they have better games. It’s super fun to play with your family and it’s way more fun with your friends.

Why Do You Think We Dream?
Well people dream because they use their imagination. When you use your, you dream at night or you can day dream. It’s really cool. You could make it fantasy, or you could dream about today. Maybe you could dream about the Iphone 8 coming out and how exciting that would be. You could dream about a nightmare too. A nightmare is a scary dream and sometimes it could be so scary it wakes you up.

“I say it’s a splendid day in the neighborhood”, said Owl. “It’s a nice day here too”, said Winnie the Pooh. “Exactly what I’m saying”, said Owl, “A perfectly splendid day in the neighborhood”. “Which neighborhood are we talking about?” asked Pooh. “Our neighborhood”, said Owl, “Our neighborhood, the place where we live and where all our neighbors are”. “Oh it’s a splendid day isn’t it?” said Owl. He flew up and circle once around Pooh’s house. “What does it look like from up there?” ask Pooh. “I can see the Hundred-Acre wood spread out below me”, said Owl “and it’s a fine place indeed.” The End

If I Were Going to Space
If I were going to space I would bring food. I would wear a pink space suit. I would go into a shuttle. I would find Mars and set a flag on Mars and be the first one on Mars! Next I would go to the Moon and I would pretend I was a fairy. Then I would go home.
-Deirdre D. Grade 3

I would like to visit Arizona this summer. It would be so much fun. To go to their zoo. Let’s go to Arizona. Let’s get in the car and go! When we are finally here we need to get a hotel and check in and look around. We can go on hikes and feet the giraffes at the zoo. We can go to the zoo right now! After we stayed for three days we can go home. I know it will be fun.

The New World
Once upon a time there was a cat and she was going to have a kitten. Her owners took her to the animal shelter. The next day the kittens were out. The owners were feeding the kittens. The cat was grooming herself for the next two years. TO BE CONTINUED.
-Deirdre D. Grade 3

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