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| Student Journals | August 28, 2015

The students at C.A.R.E. are starting the school year off strong with lots of writing time. A lot of this week’s articles are a collaboration of the beginning of school, life events and the importance of environment. One piece in particular is a compilation of a young girl’s mind which is molded by those around her. It is a lovely free write and we are very excited to see all of our students’ writing skills progress! Join us in this journey by reading our weekly articles in the paper and online, and by supporting C.A.R.E. Learning Academy/SCV Tutors.

The Wacky World
If I could make a book about my life I would title it, The Wacky World. I would title it that because the world in my eyes is wacky. Another reason I would call it that is because I would tell a story about my experience in the world. The last reason I would title it The Wacky World is because my life is just wacky, just like the world.
Ross Sheldon

My First Day of School
My first day of school was nerve racking, but I saw a lot of my friends. My favorite subject is Art!
More to come as the school year progresses.

My teacher, Mrs. Lyznick, is a great teacher. She gets everything done academically, and gets some games in, as well. The firts day back to school is my favorite day of the year because my Dad has homework instead of me!
Brianna Mickelson Grade 4

The Best Day Ever!
So often, a lot of people are so worried about the first day of school. However, today it was the best day becasue we got to do so much! It was a schocker that all of my classes are right next door to each other. All of my teachers were so nice, too. They gave one page of homework, and everyone was so nice to me. Then, when I got home, I figured out the homework was not homework at all! It was an invitation to the school’s Ice Cream Party!!
Jasmine Laham Grade 5


Free Writing
Say what? Who says we can’t be friends?!
Three heads are better than one!
I didn’t do it.
Cute as a button. Wet willy.
I need a hug!
You did what?
Don’t have a cow!
The weasel did it!
Time for the chicken dance
What did you say, dinner?
I’m going to rule the world!
Forever Friends!
Get your nose out of my business.
It’s a chick thing.
Listen up!
What’s up buck?
Do you have a carrot?
Right on the tip of my tongue!
Puppy Kisses!
The End

My Summer
My summer  was awesome because I went to a movie premier. It was called Descendants. It was really awesome because I met some celebrities at the Disney Studios! They had different stations like “Build-A-Bear” and “Caricatures”.

Make Your Mark
One thing in my life that I value is that I was able to see and hear my little, baby cousin walk! He was so cute when he first tried walking. He slowly put his hands on my shoulders because he was so scared. Right when he touched me, I felt trust and honesty. He believed in me that I would not hurt him. It felt amazing! Then, I said to him, “You can do it! Just go.”
So he went and his mom smiled at him right when he started to take off. He fell, fell, fell, and I was there helping him. I told myselve over and over to not give up because I can help others! It really helped me and others to tell myself that. I messed up almost every second but I did really want my cousin to walk so I did not give up on him. In a couple hours, he was walking more and more. He trusted me that I can help him, which I did. It was worth it.
Jasmine Laham Grade 5

My Life is cool. It is normal, but weird. I think my life is cool because my family is there with me. I like my life because I have friends. Also, I know not to be a bully because it is not nice. My birthday is coming up and I am really happy with my life because I have everything I need and I will always have love in my heart.
Paris Johnson

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