| SC Women | June 14, 2012

By Michelle Tall

I think motivation can come in waves. I think you can be pushed into the desire to succeed just as often as you naturally feel the drive to overcome.
Motivation can stem from harsh circumstances, experiences that brutally back you into a corner. Or it can come from inspiration to aspire to something more, something bigger than yourself.
And so, which one pushes you forward just that much further? Which one makes you stronger and maybe a little bit wiser? Maybe the answer is both. But right now, in this moment of my life, I am coming back from being beaten down.
When you find yourself in a place you never thought you would be, broken and bruised, hurting and wounded, you wonder how you let it happen. At what point did you allow another person to believe that it was okay to treat you so poorly? When did everything go from fun and comfortable to this life, one that is so disastrously unrecognizable?
And so, when I finally opened my eyes and saw myself crouched into the furthest corner of a room that was caving in on me, I looked up and saw an innocent child with unconditional love just waiting to be wrapped in his mother’s arms.
“At the moment of surrender,
Of vision over visibility.”
“Moment of Surrender”
That was the day I kicked and clawed and crawled and climbed my way out of that corner, taking my little boy’s hand in mine, intent on setting out to create our own happily ever after. I began to heal when I focused on my son’s beautiful smile.
Motivation came to me from living in the dark to promising my child a life of living in the light. I stumble and fall down every now and then, but I haven’t let go of his hand and I never will. Not ever again will I allow anything or anyone to break this mother’s connection to the joy of her child that she carries with her everyday within her heart.
And this motivation grows stronger and brighter as it changes into inspiration. An inspiration that pushes me higher and higher to places more bright and glorious than I ever dreamed possible.
Motivation changed my life and I can recognize it now more than I did before. And I embrace it and ride it through the journey of motherhood with my child by my side.
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