Good Judgement Comes From Bad Experiences

| Doug's Rants | January 26, 2012

Good judgement comes from bad experiences and a lot of bad experiences come from bad judgement.  In business, as in life, if you don’t get some criticism along the way you’re not trying hard enough.  As I heard a while back, dogs don’t bark at parked cars!  Speaking of criticism, did you see the half-time performance at the Super Bowl?  As a friend of mine said: “Who decided the half time show should include a woman nearly my age dancing around in a miniskirt with a bunch of 20-year-olds?  Shouldn’t she be wandering through a mall looking for the Early Bird Special?”  And I will add, she really should have practiced lip-syncing more.  She never would have made it on American Bandstand.  Whoops, I’m showing my age!

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