Wolitarsky Family Mourns Loss

| Gazette, Tell Me More | January 30, 2014

When Drew Wolitarsky left for college last summer, he would learn the commitment level expected of college level football players. The record-setting receiver from Canyon High School now attends University of Minnesota, where he had a successful season playing for the Gophers.

Sadly, the Wolitarsky family lost Drew’s grandmother and, since he was thousands of miles away, he had little freedom to mourn with his family. While the other five members of his family flew to Canada for his grandmother’s funeral,  #82 was on the football field, playing the sport he committed to when he signed on for a full-ride scholarship. Players are excused from games for very few occasions — the higher you go, the greater the expectations. How much does the ante increase at the NFL level?!

Where in the World is Wolitarsky?

| Gazette, Tell Me More | January 23, 2014

Drew Wolitarsky caught up with his childhood friend, Rex.

When Drew Wolitarsky came home to Santa Clarita for his winter break from University of Minnesota, he ran across a lot of strangers and acquaintances, in addition to his friends. A lot of adults stopped him around town – most that he knew, and some he didn’t.

When Drew went out to eat with one of his good friends in Canyon Country, he was approached, as usual, by a couple of local residents. They asked about school, football, etc. Drew chatted with the visitors, who were  familiar and friendly, comfortably acquainted with him, but they were totally unfamiliar with Drew’s friend…who was their neighbor!

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